Sunday, August 17, 2014

Sawyer: 2.5 years

His look when I ask him to smile
I haven't posted a Sawyer update in a while so thought it was about time. I have to admit this the best and hardest age! I love how expressive and vocal he is, talks like he has all his life. The fits can be challenging but I have hope they are just a phase (we'll see). He is so sweet and caring and HILARIOUS, he constantly is making us laugh! He tells me I'm pretty every day and still loves to snuggle. 

Mommy's boy


Weight: 33 pounds ( on his 2nd birthday he was 32 lbs. 8 oz. )
Height: 3 ft. (on his 2nd birthday he was 2 ft. 11 in.)

Eating: still big on snacks! His favorites are fruit snacks, lucky charms, hot dogs (turkey), chicken nuggets, frosty's, pancakes, sandwiches. He loves milk and apple juice! 

Sleeping: loves his sleep and still naps great. We put him to bed at 8:30 p.m. and if not woken, he sleeps till 7:00/7:30 a.m. Naps are usually 1.5-3 he's daily. Our night routine is still to pray, read a couple books ( favorite is cars and trucks and things and go) and sing a song in his rocker.

Clothing: 3T and 2T/3T in pants, size 8 shoes (he was in a size 6 on his 2nd birthday)

Diapers: size 6

Playing: he loves all sports!! His personal favs are hockey and baseball. He is still in swimming lesson and is becoming a wonderful little swimmer, can even float on his back. His current favorite movies are Cars, Frozen, and The Sandlot. He has started learning to peddle his trike and has done it a few times by himself. 

Some handsome looking guys in the dugout
Talking: he says everything and it'd probably be easier to include a list of words he doesn't say, ha! I started keeping a journal of some of the funny, off-the-wall Sawyerisms (posted below).

Fielding on the Springfield Cards field 
Potty Training: doing awesome! At school he is goes almost every time on the potty and is even dry most of the time. At home, we are still struggling but he lets us know when he needs to go. 
He called it the "Dughouse"
Other Developments: he loves helping! Every time we are cleaning, he wants to help and he does a great job too. When John was out of town he was so helpful with the dogs, scooping the food and opening the door to let then out. Nice to have the extra hands :)

really liked the popcorn

Sawyer has quite the stut when he walks, I like to call it the "Sawyer Swag". His right arm sways at his side and he sort of hops. I videoed him the other night when we were at the ball park so I will never forget his adorable little strut.


Me: What do you want to be when you grow up?

Sawyer: Bigger....I'm little now
Sawyer: you picking me up daddy?
John: yes, mommy is going out with the girls
Sawyer: she send me a picture of the girls?
Me: February 14 is valentines day, you'll want to remember that for when you have a lady in your life
Sawyer I have ladies in my life, mommy
Me: Who's daddy's boss?
Sawyer camppaw Mike
Me: Who's mommy's boss?
Sawyer you don't need a boss mommy
Me: I'm your mommy
Sawyer no, you're my sister 
Me: Well, what's daddy?
Sawyer my really awesome brother 
Sawyer: you're driving and I'm riding. I'm all by myself back here.
Grandma: yep you are back there and I'm up here
Sawyer: I'm being a very good boy. 

* They passed the car wash he went to with Grandpa and her one time and he told me, "there's the car wash.  you car dirty mawmaw?" and She agreed it was a bit dirty and he said "you gotta get a car wash. they say okay you can get a car wash?"  

* He asked where campaw was and She said he was at home. he asked, "what he doing?" and She said he might be swimming and Sawyer said, "no he not. he not have his swimming suit on yet."  :o) 

* Grandma asked who his best friend was at school and he said Aiden. She asked if he likes playing with Aiden and he said, "yes (pause)... he spits on people."  She said that's not very nice and asked if the teacher told Aiden to stop that and he said, "no she didn't." :o)