Sunday, January 29, 2012

Baby Hamra: 36 weeks

We are 9 months!!! Can't believe how fast time has gone by and how little we have left.
This week we had our last birthing class and had our first weekly doctor's appointment.
Hamlet's heart rate was 140 and was he measuring 37 weeks (when we went we were 35 weeks 4 days, so about a week and a half ahead). Doctor also said we are 1 centimeter dialated and she thinks he is about 5 pounds now. I always assumed he'd be a big baby like me (I was 8 lbs 11 oz.) but she said she think she will be a smaller baby around 6.5-7 pounds. I am feeling really good and still working out/walking but I am definitely feeling more contractions, the most being on Tuesday when I felt 6 in 2 hours.
We picked up the final things we needed to for his arrival...monitor, pack 'n play, jogging stroller, baby bjorn and of course his coming home outfit (I'll save those pics for his birthday).  We are getting so excited and are anxiously counting down the days.

Baby Hamra 36 weeks (9 months)
Countdown: 4 weeks, 28 days
Size: 19-22 inches
Weight: approx. 5-5.5 lbs (melon/large canteloupe)
Fun Facts: By the end of this week baby is considered full term. This week, the fat is dimpling on the elbows and knees as well as forming creases in the neck and wrists. The baby's gums are very rigid.

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Nursery Planning: DIY Baby Hamra's Mobile

While designing our nursery, I knew I wanted a mobile above our crib but really despised the ones I found in stores and online. I wanted something simple and gender neutral. I found some awesome ones on Etsy but they were super expensive (ranging from $50-80) for something I knew I could create on my own. I googled pouf ball tutorials and found a few helpful sites and decided to just try it on my own. I am very pleased with the result and saved a ton of cash. It took about 6 hours total to create and cutting was the most time consuming part.

Here are the helpful tutorials I found:

Styrofoam Balls (1.5 inch) – $1 (for 9)
Embroidery Hoop (just need inside) – $1
Acrylic Paint – I bought white from a craft store – .69 cents
Fishing wire, Rope, Yarn, Ribbon (I used Fishing line)
Fabric – I got a yard of white and a yard of yellow and it was more than enough - $6
Glue Gun - $3
Glue Sticks - $5
Scissors – already had
Something round to trace - already had
Ceiling hook - already had

Total cost: less than $17 (and I even had to buy a glue gun)

Step 1:
I painted my embroidery hoop with white paint first so it would be dry when I am done, it doesn’t take very long to dry so really you can do this step at any point

Step 2:
Find something round to start tracing your circles onto the fabric. Trace a ton of circles, I am not exaggerating either each individual pouf will need about 30 circles.

Step 3: 
Cut out all your circles, this doesn’t have to be perfect because they will be folded so don’t feel like you have to spend extra time making them flawless.

Step 4:
Take your circle and fold in half, apply a small dab of hot glue in the middle of that half and then fold over again (see picture). Do this for all of your circles.
This is enough to make 2 poufs

Step 5: 
Apply dab of hot glue to one of the Styrofoam balls and apply the folded fabric. I found holding them in the center and apply the point to the ball was the easiest and then you could fan it out to the way you want it to look (see picture)
Continue this step until your ball is filled with no Styrofoam showing and until you have enough poufs for your mobile. I made 6 total fabric poufs, which was about 180 cut out circles.

Step 6:
If your paint is dry on your hoop, tie fishing line across the top to make quarters. I applied extra hot glue on the inside of the hoop against the line to make sure it was secure. This is how you will hang your mobile to the ceiling. Set aside.

Step 7:
Apply fishing line to your individual poufs, I left my string really long so I could adjust when I hung them. I found a trick to attaching the line to the pouf was applying hot glue to the inside of a piece of the fabric on the ball and then sandwiching the glue and line in between it.

Step 8:
Tie fishing line securely onto a ceiling hook (like the ones you use for plants). Make sure you have extra string so you can adjust to the height you want. 

Step 9:
Screw the hook into the ceiling into the place you want to hang.

Step 10:
Tie line from ceiling to the middle of your quartered hoop securely to the height you want above crib.

Step 11:
Apply each individual pouf onto hanging hoop at the height you want. After they are all attached you may need to move them to get it to sit evenly and balanced.

Ta-Dah! You have a super affordable mobile!!

Sunday, January 22, 2012

Baby Hamra: Family Baby Shower

John's sister Cindi and my sisters Amie & Rachel threw us a Family baby shower saturday. Family came from Arkansas, St. Louis, Nixa and right here in Springfield. The girls planned some fun games and activities like guess the candy bar diaper and paint your own onesies. Thanks to everyone that came and especially to ur hostesses for such a fun day! We love you guys! Hamlet now has everything he needs, now we just have to patiently wait for him to get here.

John practicing with Chase
Working on the onesies

yummy punch 

Not hard to guess who made this...Auntie Rachel
Trying out the candy bar diapers...yum and yuck at the same time
Team work

So many cute clothes

Dad with Chase 
Rachel won the Onesie Contest
Uncle Steve, Cousin Melissa and Aunt Shelley
Hanlet's Great Grandma Deanna and Pat
Hamlet's Grandparents
Hamlet's Aunt Cindi and Grandma Donnetta
The lovely hostesses and Hamlet's Aunt Rachel, Cindi and Amie
Auntie Rae
All of the cute home-made onesies

365 Days of Wedded Bliss

I've said it before but time really flies when you are in love!
John and I are celebrating our 1 year anniversary today and we couldn't be happier. It is hard to believe that this time last year we were getting ready to walk down the aisle and now we are getting ready to walk out of a hospital with our baby son. What a blessing!
Although we have only been married one year, our relationship has really grown over our 12 years together and I can't wait to see what's in store for the next 12, 20, 50.......
John, I love you and can't wait to not only call you husband but father to our little man. 
We celebrated by going to dinner at Rebecca Grille and enjoying a relaxing night at home (watching some It's Always Sunny, of course), something we won't get to do quite as much in a few weeks. I surprised John with a Daddy Diaper Bag, so he doesn't have to lug around my "girly" one.
Here are some pics from our first year married and some of the fun stuff we did.
Mr. and Mrs.

MU vs. KU game

Elton John Concert
St. Louis for the Lil Wayne, Nikki Minaj, Rick Ross and Travis Barker Concert 
Lots of friends got married (this is from Katie & Eli Estes' Big Day)
Cabo in May for our Honeymoon

Lots of fun Pool Parties! 

Mel had a wiggin' out party and beat Breast Cancer, GO MEL!
Adorable Babies were born (this particular one is Dutch!!)
Float Trippin'

Ozark Empire Fair
Cousins came to visit

Chicago for the Card vs. Cubs game
Found out we were having a BOY!!!
Mizzou's 100th Homecoming 
Easter in Springfield
Had some maternity photos taken
Christmas in St. Louis
We painted and prepared a nursery!
New Year's at Touch
Baby Shower!!
And our wonderful sisters threw us a Family Baby Shower!!!