Thursday, May 31, 2012

Bringing our backyard back to life

Memorial Weekend was so busy! We decided we needed to spruce up our backyard because we had enough of the ugly bushes (it only took us 6 years). It was quite the undertaking but we am so relieved it is done. Now we just have to wait for the plants to come in! We planted elephant ears and gladioli bulbs along the lattice so I will post a final picture when they are all grown in.
After a shovel, axe and hedge trimmers we (JOHN) finally got the bushes out.
The crazy bushes are gone!
before the fix up
Sawyer watching from the shady porch
Stones we took from other parts of our yard

New plants
Bowie helping with the new garden

So much better! 
Adding the lattice as the final touch
Can't wait to see all the plants grown in

Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Rachel's Graduation Party

We had a small family/friends get-together to celebrate Miss Rachel graduating from high school on Memorial Day. We barbqued, swam, played washers and relaxed at my parent's house. It was another great excuse to put Sawyer in the pool. Congrats Rachel!!
The night before we stopped by my parents and Sawyer got to test out his new chair
and the waters
The fam
The graduate and mom 

Rachel. Trina and me

hanging with dad after a day at the pool

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Little Fishy

Sawyer had his first pool experience this weekend at my parent's house and he LOVED IT!
It wasn't even that warm but he didn't flinch when I lowered him in.  I think we have a little water baby on our hands! My dad also built a little swing for him in their backyard and he seems to love it too. After the pool, he took a nice 2 hour nap in it. He was exhausted after our pool day and slept so sound!

Getting ready for the pool
A natural 
Auntie Rachel makes me smile
The cool floatie grandma bought me

Waiting on my new swing 
Trying it out for the first time
Nap Time!

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Incubus Take 6

John and I enjoyed our 6th Incubus concert last night and our first time seeing them in Springfield.

Thanks to our amazing friend Michael (or Bob to us) we got to enjoy the show from a suite at the O'Reilly Family Center. We had such a great time and as per usual Incubus did not disapppoint. Thanks to my wonderful parents for watching Sawyer and to Bob for bringing our favorite band to Springfield!

Fun Crew!
Betty and me
Great View

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Rae Graduates

Last night my little sister Rachel (not so little anymore) graduated from high school. I am so proud of her and am still in shock that she is old enough to be graduating. We love you Rae and are excited to see what your future holds. Just think you'll be 36 when Sawyer graduates!

Saturday, May 19, 2012

Family Night at the Ballpark

Sawyer LOVES fireworks!!! It was his first time getting to see them after the Springfield Cardinals game and he didn't even flinch. He just stared wide-eyed at the sky during the presentation. With John's grandparents back in town, they invited all of us to their suite for the Cardinals game. It was a beautiful night and the cardinals beat the Tulsa Drillers. The Cardinals General Manager, Matt, brought up his World Series Ring to show us. It is amazing. Sawyer must have had a blast because he slept another 8 hours when we got home!

Great Aunt Karen
Sawyer with Great Papa Sam and Bill Virdon

Great Mama June
Bill & Shirley Virdon 
Taking a snooze

Thursday, May 17, 2012

Sawyer: 3 Months

Where has the time gone? Sawyer turned 3 months today and it really feels just like yesterday we were bringing him home. A lot has happened since last month...I went back to work, Sawyer started school and John became a part-time stay-at-home dad, all of which are going great. A big feat is that he now consistently sleeps through the night (except a couple nights here and there). We just moved him to size 2 diapers for capacity purposes but he still wears 3 month clothes. I weighed him last night and he's 14.5 lbs, that's exactly 2 pounds in 4 weeks. He still nurses but will take a 5 oz bottle every 3-5 hrs. A couple of his new favorite things are sticking out his tongue, blowing raspberries, using his feet to kick his toys and pulling his shirt up to show his belly. He loves his baths and his favorite elephant toy. One of our favorite things is how he tries to talk back, he makes the cutest noises.

Here are a couple videos: