Friday, May 30, 2014

Megan turns 30!!

We were able to surprise Megan last Saturday for her 30th birthday while she camped with her family at Pomme de Terre lake. She thought we weren't officially celebrating until mid June when we go to St. Louis for a cardinals game but Tim arranged to have John, Trina, Sawyer and me there for her family birthday dinner. It was a beautiful night so we got to take a long walk around the campsite. Sawyer even serenaded her with Happy Birthday! He is actually still singing it. It was so great to be there for her, love you Megs!!!
Ready to surprise the birthday girl!!

Sawyer loving his life at the girl's table

Ready for a walk


Thursday, May 22, 2014

Our new home

As promised, here is my official blog post about our lovely new home. The home where we'll create many memories as a family, Sawyer will be raised in and we'll grow our family. It's been a quick but smooth ride so far and can't wait to bring Sawyer home to his new room (we plan to spend our first night there tomorrow). We closed on it this afternoon and now we just need to move our stuff in from the garage which seems way easier than the move we already made. Thanks again to my parents for letting us stay these last few weeks, we are forever thankful! Also special shoutout to Stephanie Edwards and Jim Hurcheson for being the best realtors ever, they made it seem easy! And to the Weaver's for keeping a beautiful house and for letting us move our stuff into your garage!

My boss Julie said the first thing I should do was cartwheels in the new I did!

Without further ado, I present our new home...

My first order of business.... Yellow front door! As my dear friends and family know I'm in love with the color yellow and my dream was to one day have a yellow front door. I'm thrilled to finally make that dream come true! I was able to get swatches today, stay tuned for our choice....

Friday, May 16, 2014

Weekend in Pictures // Mother's Day

My third Mother's Day and what made it the best yet... Sawyer woke me saying "Happy Mother's Day Mommy". I could have cried. We had a busy weekend of Swim Lessons, Silver Dollar City, baseball & playing at the park, and a relaxing BBQ. I never could have guessed I would not only have gotten to celebrate with my mom but that I'd be living with her! Honestly, it's been so fun. I feel very blessed that we have such a close relationship and that Sawyer gets so much quality time with her. Happy Mother's Day mom! Glad you aren't sick of me....yet!
Sawyer came home sick Thursday and Friday so I got extra snuggles. 

Made me an adorable necklace with his thumbprint...if only he'd let me wear it

Started the weekend with his first swim lesson

Loved it!
Saturday at Silver Doller City

Won twice!
Very proud of his prizes (that I ended up losing on the tram ride home, ah!!)

Singing Kaiden Ba Ba Blacksheep
Loved this froggy ride!
Caterpillar ride

After the water ride, think the sun made it hard for my mom to center the pic, ha!

train ride!!
Aunt Amie, Grandma and Sawyer

Dad made his famous Daddy Michael burgers (turkey of course) for Mother's Day

Mom and me enjoying our rum punch!

Sunday, May 4, 2014

As one door closes...

This weekend has been tough, way tougher than I could have imagined. I know it may be cheesy & cliche but as John and I took the last load of things from our old house my heart ached. Not because I'm sad to leave but because it feels like we are closing such a large chapter. I bought my little blue house in 2006 after living in a loft downtown for a year with my friend Katie...she agreed to move in with me (and Faith) and boy did we have fun there. BBQs, Girl's Nights, Lost & Project Runway watch parties and the list goes on. Katie and I shared the house until my engagement in 2010...then John (and Bowie) moved in when we got married. It wasn't until our next chapter of parenthood in 2012 that we realize we were completely out of space. Sawyer may be small but his entourage of plastic playthings has overtaken our abode. It was physically hard for me to call a realtor to put it one the market, how could I leave my first home, the place where I brought my first born home to? We didn't sell our house, we have decided to keep it for an investment (I don't have to say goodbye completely). I never fathomed it would go so fast. We called the rental company on a Wednesday, they viewed and listed it on Thursday and we had it rented one week later. That made it actually real and to our surprise, they needed us out by May 8! So...we jumped and made an offer on the house we'd been stalking for a few weeks and they accepted. I'll save those juicy details for a post when we close in a couple weeks (don't want to jinx it!) For now we are camped out at my parents, with all our belongings in the garage of our new home. It's chaotic and surreal but we feel very blessed and excited. Thank you to our family & friends who helped us move (you know who you are!!), we are beyond appreciative and love you dearly! Thanks to my parents for letting us crash your place, we owe you! I apologize to everyone who has seen me cry like a million times, thanks for not calling me a baby! Bye little blue house, it's been amazing!

    So it begins....

 Looks so big but we had to make three trips

   Loved the big truck!
    Already found his new playroom

    An empty Sawyer's nursery (tear!)

    Last load ready to go