Monday, April 28, 2014

Arcade Fire // St.Louis Zoo

We had a quick St. Louis trip yesterday for the Arcade Fire concert. My parents were kind enough to come along to watch Sawyer as we went to the show. The weather held up and allowed us to have a wonderful afternoon at the St. Louis Zoo. Sawyer had such a wonderful time and he even got to go swimming at the hotel with Grandma & Grandpa.

The concert was amazing! I have been an Arcade Fire fan since they launched their first album "Funeral" around 2004. John doesn't know much about them but is always up for a good show, I think he would admit it was awesome. Even the opening acts we're great...The Tune-Yards, a crazy percussion/reggae/electronic group was so fun (check them out here) and then they also had a DJ, Kid Koala, who put on a great show (check him out here). I loved the set & theatrics plus on the invitation it said "Dress up or wear a costume", that made for some great people watching.
This was his choice of apparel for the zoo
Mommy's favorite

You can't tell from this face but he loved the train.
There is his smile.
perfect hand placement 
The Hippos
When I asked him what this was, he responded "MIZ"

He is a little obsessed 
I love this pic!
Concert Time!
Concert selfie! The Flash was so bright, I couldn't keep my eyes open.
Confetti from the ceiling

You can really see but this is a Disco Ball Man
We were drenched after walking to our car in the storm
so we sat and played a round of photo hunt at Syberg's before
heading to our room (this is for you Megan!)
Swimming with grandpa
Sawyer took home a new Blues Hat & Cardinals Shirt

Here are some videos of my favorites...

Thursday, April 24, 2014

Easter 2014

We mixed it up this Easter and celebrated over the entire weekend with both sides of the family. It was so wonderful to get to be with family.
Saturday, we did an Easter Egg hunt at my parents, followed by dinner at Nakato's. Sunday, we did our traditional breakfast at Gailey's, Sunday School and church and then headed to Cindy & Rob's for lunch and another Easter Egg hunt. This year, Sawyer was the perfect age for Easter Eggs hunts. He couldn't get enough of it! He has a new obsession with bubbles too! He would eat the treats inside as he found one point I looked at him and he ha so many marshmallows in his mouth he looked like a chipmunk. My parents went to St. Louis sunday for a mass in my Grandmother Marilyn's honor at her church and there were also Easter Lily's at our church for her! 
Let's start this!

Learned to use chopsticks! And he is good at it.

Sunday morning harp session with Drew at Gailey's
Sunday School 
For Grandma (please pardon my terrible nails)
So handsome in his Easter apparel
My boy!
Ready for hunt #2
Kaiden's first Easter Egg Hunt
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Helping Kaiden get up the hill
Cindy and me enjoying the baskets

Easter Basket from Aunt Julie & Uncle Scott

Tuesday, April 8, 2014

First Cards Game of the Season

We took the family and some close friends to our first Springfield Cardinals Game of the 2014 season. It may have been cold, they may have lost, but we had a great time...especially when Louie stopped by our suite (as you can see by Sawyer's huge grin in all of the pics!) It was Elliot's and baby Beckett's (who is still cooking in his mommy's belly) first game. Many more fun games to come this summer.