Saturday, December 26, 2015

Dreams do come true

It is safe to say John's boyhood dreams came true last weekend. I surprised him with a trip to Dallas to see the Dallas Cowboys play the Jets and it was a once-in-a-life time trip. With the help of some of our friends at the Dallas Convention and Visitors Bureau, we had field level suite tickets and got to get right up close to the action. The whole weekend was full of amazing experiences, not sure I can ever top this. 

Special thanks to Gayla & Ed, Ruben, Julie & Brian, Tracie, and my wonderful parents for helping me pull this off!

Here are the pictures and videos...

Videos from the trip:

Ha! Girls got TSA recheck, boys didn't!
We're off! 
Wow, this is our room!
Dinner at Henry's Majestic when we arrived - Ed, John and Brian
Julie, me, and Gayla
John loved the tv in the bathroom mirror
spectacular view from our suite Saturday morning sunrise

Robes and slippers warrants a feet pic!
Saturday morning breakfast 
First stop - JFK memorial - so touching!
Then we headed to Bishop Arts district for shopping and lunch
Enos for lunch, yummy!
Bishop Cider Co. - our new favorite spot
John was way to in to the "air hug"
There it is again!
Julie - slow down!
Now Brian is doing it....
Our first UBER experience, so awesome!
back to the hotel to get ready for the game....selfie required!

Here we go!
Yes we parked underground, next to the Jets owner
No joke, John is tearing up here!
so excited
perfect spot!

This face sums up how he is feeling! 

Met Trip who handled all the production/cheerleaders, he was super nice

Deon, who was not very friendly! 

roof was open so you could see the moon
"Dem Boyz" as Santa for halftime
half time waiting for players to run by
JB was super nice!

by the end of the game John was just walking out on the field like he owned it!

Thanks Trip for getting us a Cheerleader pic!
My favorite pic of the day, like a defeated child!
Got to meet up with the Tarwaters for breakfast sunday morning
Christmas outside our hotel

our driver back to the hotel made a nice little sign for us