Monday, April 25, 2016

Scout // 10 months

I swear Scout is trying to outdo his brother! Last week, he took his first steps (about 3)! While he isn’t officially walking, he is very close. Sawyer also walked at a little over 10 months, so I can already sense a sibling rivalry budding with these two. Scout’s personality compliments his brothers, like yin and yang; He is feisty like him, but with a calmer, relaxed side. I can’t wait to see how their relationship evolves and the bond that builds.

Sawyer was a full 2 lbs smaller than Scout at this time and shorter as well. Sawyer was definitely talking more but most everything is the same.
Here is Sawyer at 10 months:

Scout’s 10-month stats
weight: 20 lbs. 9 oz. - at 9 months he was 19 lbs. 9 oz.

height: 29 inches - at 9 months he was 28.5

clothing: 12 months, 12-18 months. Wears size 3 and 4 shoes

diapers: Size 4 – just moved him to the bigger size yesterday

eating: Nursing and eating table food. He will eat anything we put in front of him, loves pizza and anything involving bread! He really likes cantaloupe but isn’t a fan of watermelon.

sleeping: usually sleeps from about 7:30 p.m. - 6 a.m. Last week he went 4 nights of terrible sleeping, would wake up every time we put him down, we took him to the doctor because we thought it might be an ear infection but she thinks it was just separation anxiety. Luckily it has passed and he is back to his normal schedule.

teething: 4 teeth, his top two and bottom two

other updates: He is getting brave…will stand without holding on for up to 10 seconds and has even taken two steps! Starting to explore with his teeth too, and has bitten us a few times. One of my favorite things is his singing (see video below); he imitates the songs we sing with hand motions and all (Itsy Bitsy Spider, Happy and You Know It, etc.). He claps, waves, does the “more” sign language, and even folds his hands when we pray at mealtime. He says “dada”, “hi”, “baba” but still no “mama”. Sawyer and Scout are still best buds and are starting to really play together!

Here are a few more photos and videos from the month:

His adorable singing voice:

Not very good but best we could get of one of his many first steps:

watching brother play T-ball
using his new teeth!

Thank you Nicole for the adorable pic from Beckett's party!

Friday, April 15, 2016

Sprinkled with Love // Allie Maxine

Momma with Big Sister Elliot
Exactly three weeks after we sprinkled her and her momma, Megan, with love, Miss Allie Maxine Johnson was born. Big Sister Elliot was the guest of Honor of course!

At the time, Allie didn't officially have a name yet and we weren't quite sure when she might arrive, but we had a wonderful afternoon in her honor. Here are some of the pictures from the sprinkle Trina, Josey and I hosted. Thank you to all of Megan's friends and family who joined us for the celebration.

See all the pictures here:

Guess if it is Mommy or Daddy Game