Monday, February 25, 2013

First Trip to Chuck E. Cheese

Yes, I braved the weekend craziness of Chuck E. Cheese!! I survived and actually had a great time. My mom had the idea to take Sawyer there saturday as a way to get him out of the house during this cold weather. He had so much fun watching the other kids and ridding the rides. We wil definitely go back and have learned to go pretty early before the saturday birthday parties arrive. Even the pizza was better than I expected, we got a BBQ chicken pizza and it was pretty tasty!
before we left he had to take a picture of himself
When we arrived at Grandma's, she had bought Sawyer a new Music Set

Riding Noah's Arc 
Having  a blast!
He loved the Jeep ride even when it wasn't moving 
already worn out!
Fell asleep with his arm up!

SUC Training: Week 6

New challenge posted
If you are a runner, you might be familiar with that place you get to when running that I like to refer to as a "sweet spot". Mine is about mile 3 or 4 where my legs are warmed up, I have the right frame of mind and it is like I could run forever. I used to get frustrated because you would think if you have been training, that first mile should be easy...well no matter how far I would run the beginning was always the hardest and I would just have to remind my self "keep running, it gets easier!". I hit that "sweet spot" this weekend running 5 miles and it was awesome. Those short runs I had been doing seemed so much harder because I never got past 3/4 miles. So I am happy to say this passed week's training went great! I was able to do Body Combat & Body Pump and I upped my weight a lot.

Week 6 Plan:
- Back to Intervals - run 10 mins, walk 1 min (repeat 4 times). I will do this 3 times this week.
- My cross training is still up in the air this week with some sort of yoga or weights and I plan to hopefully catch a class Friday & Saturday morning.

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

'Sawyer the Destroyer' Birthday Party

Sunday we celebrated Sawyer’s 1st birthday with a superhero themed party, held at my parents house. We came up with the theme from the nickname we have our wild child, “Sawyer the Destroyer”. We tried to keep it small with family, close friends & classmates. I designed a comic book style invite to introduce our little Super Hero. We had Super Hero masks for all Sawyer’s friends to decorate and we got to watch Sawyer the Destroyer in action as he tore into his first bite of cake. Special thanks to everyone who helped us celebrate and my mom and sister who helped us with all the little details and setup!!

Sawyer the Destroyer Birthday Party Credits
Superhero cake: Simply Delicious Catering 
Word Bubble Cookies: Lauren Daly
‘Super Sawyer’ Cape: Darlene Appelquist
‘Sawyer is One!’ TShirt: Fly Duds 
Banner, Water bottles & Signs: Me :)
Catering: Fazoli’s
Photography: Sawyer's Godmother Megan Johnson 
Punch & Sangria: Sawyer’s Grandmother Laura

Comic book invites

Birthday messages for Sawyer
Every Superhero needs a Super Mask!

Personalized labels I made for the water bottles about Sawyer

Monthly photos of Sawyer


Sharing with Evan who turns 1 next week
Was really wanting to share!
Sawyer the Destroyer face

Auntie Trina
Godparents Tim & Megan
Aunt Karen & Cousin Katie
Grandpa Sam, Uncle Mike, Aunt Amie, Aunt Cindy and Uncle Rob
After his bath
waving bye bye to all the guests with Paisley
ended the day with a bloody nose from running around