Sunday, December 28, 2014

Christmas x7

Being a mom is like a second chance to enjoy the joys of being a child at Christmas. I got to experience all the festive things like baking cookies for Santa, making sure you are snug in bed before Santa comes, and awaking Christmas morning to find presents under the tree but all through the eyes of my sweet fascinated 34-month-old Sawyer. It's truly the best! He was obsessed with Christmas this year and the lucky kid got to celebrate SEVEN times, yes seven!

Our celebrations included....
1. Grandma Donnetta & Grandpa Derrick 
2. Aunt Cindy, Uncle Rob, and Cousin Kaiden with a fun trip to Silver Dollar City after with Hamra Enterprises.
3. Our family Christmas at home
4. Grandma Laurie, Grandpa Mike, Aunt Amie and Brian, and Aunt Rachel. 
5. John's Family at his Aunt Karen, Uncle Bob and Cousins Katie and Robbie
6. My dad's family in St. Louis at Aunt Julie, Uncle Scott an Cousins Meghan and Erin.
7. My mom's family in St. Louis at my Grandma Schmitz

Needless to say we are worn out but feeling blessed and loved. Sawyer woke up yesterday and asked, "Is it Christmas again mom?" Guess we will start the countdown.

See all our holiday pictures here: HOLIDAYS 2014

Here are a few of my favorites...

Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Sawyer's Christmas Program

Last week Sawyer had his third Christmas Program at Lighthouse Child & Family Development Center. It is amazing to see how much has changed over these last three years, he was able to sing along and dance. It was so fun to watch. He is definitely the class clown and walked out in front of the whole audience singing "What Does the Fox Say?"and at one point lifted his shirt up for the crowd to show his unbuttoned pants. But overall, he did great! Here are some photos and videos of his performance!

caught in the act!
Spotted Mommy!

Nice duck face

Yay, a good one of Sawyer with Grandpa & Grandma

School Christmas Party 

Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Hamlet: the Sequel

John, Sawyer, and I are proud to announce we are about to grow our Hamra crew by one come Summer 2015! 

We had a doctor's appointment today, and everything looks great! Baby was squirming around, kicking his/her arms and legs. The ultrasound even resembles Sawyer's with the round little belly. 
My tentative due date is 4th of July but today she said baby is BIG....yes, again (just like Sawyer) baby is measuring larger than my week indicates. So, my doctor said the baby might be coming sooner since Sawyer was 8lbs. 11oz. At 10 days early. 

Of course, we'll keep you posted! 

Monday, December 15, 2014

Annual Girlfriend Christmas

Every year Trina, Megan and me get together to exchange gifts for the holidays. Our meetings have changed a bit with the addition of our littles and so we decided this year would be fun to paint pottery at Firehouse Pottery to remember the occasion. Trina and I went last year and made a Santa plate for Sawyer, so the goal this year was to make a matching milk mug. Elliot stayed for a little bit to get her hand print on a platter and Sawyer stayed to paint an ornament, he was surprisingly good. Can't wait to see our finished pieces!
Sawyer's plate from last year
Elliot's being a great sport.
Sawyer painting a snowman

Our finished pieces ready to be fired
Megan's fun plate!
Trina's cute Noel ornament

Present Time!
Thomas Lantern!! 

First thing he did that night was turn off all the lights and walk around with his lantern!

The Great Santa Meeting

Sawyer has never been too fond of Santa....until NOW!
His first year he was very nervous but I was still able to get a picture after he squirmed around and whined a bit, last year was a whole other story. He hated it! I even tried twice!
But this year....he spent a good 2-3 minutes telling Santa all about the Thomas train set he wants and how he has been a good boy "sometimes", well I'll take it!
2012 Santa Visit, Sawyer was about 10 months

2013 First Attempt with cousin Kaiden. Sawyer was about 1 year and 10 months
2013 2nd Attempt, bad idea!

2014 Santa Meeting Success!!!

Hmm, I am sometimes a good boy!