Monday, March 14, 2011

Meeting the new additions

John and I had a lovely evening last night with the Joe & Nicole Fuller. Had some pizza and their very own Rocco Brew beer, delicious! The highlight of the evening was getting to meet the new addition Rocco Rinde, he is just preceious. Ruby (our one-of-a-kind flower girl) also kept us entertained as always. We love you guys!

Rocco and Mom Nicole

Rocco with Daddy Joe

What a natural
John and Ruby, my favorite pic!

The many adorable faces of Miss Ruby

Saturday we also go to meet the Leeka's new addition Maddie, a 2 year old great dane. Bowie and her were like peas in a pod running around the back yard like crazy. I think Bowie found himself a new girlfriend.
Maddie and Bowie's first meeting, Bowie sneaking a kiss

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