Tuesday, April 26, 2011

DIY: Cupcake Toppers

When Megan decided to throw Josey & Thomas a baby shower for their soon-to-be new edition Kingston, I immediately wanted to make cup cake toppers. How can you not incorporate some fun crown decor with a regal name like that? This was my first attempt at DIY cupcake toppers so I thought I would share how fun and easy they are. For all the wonderful shower pics from more pictures go to Megan & Tim's site

Circle Cutter - or you can just use scissors if you have a steady hand
Card stock or scrap book paper (I had books of paper samples from college I used )
tooth picks
glue stick
super glue or hot glue gun

1. Pick a design. I designed my own but if you aren't a graphic designer, no worries you can always do a simple Word monogram or find something online (or ask a designer friend). Mine are 1.5 X 1.5 square.

2. Print as many on a page as you need - I did 30 to be safe for my 2 dozen cupcakes

3. Cut out your designs and set aside.

I used a circle cutter but you can also just free style cut them with scissors.

4. Cut out the cardstock into 2 inch square pieces in double the amount of designs you printed. You will need 2 pieces per design.

5. Cover one card stock piece with glue stick and put super glue (or hot glue) in the middle. Place the toothpick down the center. Then top with the other piece of card stock.

6. cover the back of your paper design with glue stick and adhere to your cardstock/toothpick sandwich :)

7. Let dry for about an hour and Tadah you have some toppers!

Lay out to dry until you are ready to use

8. Now just make some cupcakes and ice them (I used my icing bag and tips to give the icing more depth) and put your new toppers on.

The Sky is the limit on paper size, shape and design and my instructions are just a starting point, have fun!

Shoutouts to Megan Weaver (for the circle cutter), Megan Johnson for pics and hosting and Thomas & Josey for getting preggers!


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