Thursday, April 14, 2011

St. Louis Weekend with the fam

What a lovely weekend! My two sisters, John and I made a trip up to St. Louis for the Lil Wayne, Rick Ross, Nicki Manaj and Travis Barker concert. Saturday we stayed with my Aunt Jules and Uncle Scott  and  cousin Meghan and Erin. Sunday at their church they did a special memorial service for my grandma since it has been 6 months since she passed.  We got to see her burial site for the first time. After, we headed downtown for lunch with my college roommate Melton and her husband at Schafly Bottle Works. Then headed to our hotel in downtown St. Louis. The concert was so much fun and it was just nice to spend some time with my sisters and family.
Here is clip of travis barker from another city but same set:

washington street for dinner before the show

family tradition of taking pictures in elevators

John and I at Union Station

Dinner at Rosalita's


  1. You all look great! I'm so glad you had that time together. Love you!!!

  2. Agreed! Check out Rach in those heels! Wowie :)

  3. You guys all looked FANTASTIC!!!!!