Thursday, July 7, 2011

Rico comes home

Back in 2003,  John bought a little chihuahua puppy named Rico to keep with him at Mizzou. Rico lived with John and his roommate Bogie until we left Columbia in 2005. John brought him back to Springfield with him but when he moved into an apartment was forced to give Rico to his mom who lives in Arkansas. His mom, stepdad Derek and step grandma Deanna all became so attached John decided to leave him in their loving care and find a new dog....enter Bowie. Last week we learned John's stepdad had to have surgery due to a cancerous mass on his hip and we were more than happy to take in our good buddy Rico, now 8 years old. We aren't sure how long we will have him but we are sure enjoying every minute. Bowie and Faith love him too! And on another note, Derrick is doing great after his surgery.

These dogs never sit still, best pic I could get of all of them

John and Rico back together again

I find him sleeping like this every morning

Trying out the grandparents pool

Rico the swimmer

Sleepy heads

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