Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Cuz'n it up: Springfield Style

We finally found a weekend where my cousin's Meghan and Erin could come stay and play in Springfield. Erin will be leaving Sept. 16 for Scotland to go to grad school and we didn't want to let her leave without a proper send-off. We did family dinner friday at Old Chicago and saturday John created our own personal pub crawl. We did dinner at Flo, drinks at Piano Bar, some foozball at Finnegan's Wake and then finished the night at Skinny Slim's with Jimmy & Lura. Sunday, John and I made them a big ole' breakfast and we headed to the movies to see Horrible Bosses (HILARIOUS). Before they left we grabbed Peking House for lunch (john's fav) and stopped by my parents to say goodbye.

Good Luck in Scotland, Erin. Can't wait for you to hear about your awesome trip! Meghan see you in September! j+k

*NOTE: Trina took all the pictures of our night out so I only have 2 from the weekend :(

Meghan, Erin, Me, Amie and Trina at Flo

Bowie snuggling with Meghan. He loves his cousins!

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  1. I'll upload mine tonight! Great weekend with great cousins! ;)