Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Baby Hamra: 28 Weeks

Hello 3rd Trimester!!! I am still assuming I am 28 weeks even though my last appointment said we were measuring 4 weeks big (making me 32 weeks). Everything is still going great, I am starting to experience the lack of sleep and small aches and pains but it isn't too bad. We go back to the doctor on Dec. 14 so hopefully I will know more about how far along we are then. We also start our Childbirth Class next tuesday.

Countdown: 82 more days to go or 12 weeks left
Size: 14.8-16 inches - size of a chinese cabbage (what the heck is that?)
Weight: 2.25-2.5 lbs
Facts this week: His brain has developed enough to have regular sleep patterns and REM sleep. He is also starting to dream. He is also blinking, coughing, sucking and better breathing.

In his newly painted room

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