Sunday, January 1, 2012

Baby Hamra: 32 Weeks

We had another doctors visit this week and everything looked great. Our doc said he is head down with his little bum right up by my ribs. It was a really informative appointment cause we got to feel all his little body parts and we can finally visualize what is actually poking and kicking. He is more active then ever with more intense movements. I was able to capture a video of his nightly dance parties the other night while John was at work. I am not a fan of bare belly shots but I just had to share cause it was a good one. He proceeded to make these movements for 45 minutes until he settled down and let me sleep.

Keep your eye to the left of my belly button

Baby Hamra 32 weeks
Countdown: 56 days, 8 weeks
Size: 16.7-19 inches - size of a head of lettuce
Weight: 3.75-3.9 lbs
Info this week: Baby reacts to temperatures and already has blue eyes (all babies have blue eyes at this point)

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