Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Bath Time

Now that Sawyer's umbilical cord has finally completely fallen off, we can give him a real bath (we were giving him sponge baths before). This afternoon we decided to try it. Surprisingly, he enjoyed most of it except for the head scrubbing. He really loves it when we pour the warm water over his back and hair.
I made sure to crop the photos so he wouldn't be embarrassed later, I am saving those pictures for his future wife (sorry Sawyer!)
I might actually like this!

I love this warm water, thanks dad!
Such a good boy!
Hmm, maybe this is not as fun as I thought

So Clean!
Look at my handsome mug!


  1. What a good boy! He looks so handsome all cleaned up - and I bet he smells good too! :o) Not too long before he'll love splashing in the bath and playing with toys in the water.