Friday, April 27, 2012

Sawyer: 10 weeks

Although 10 weeks is not very long in normal baby life it seems forever developmentally. Sawyer had grown and changed so much in these past 10 weeks it amazes me everyday.
We bought him an activity gym yesterday and he loves it! He kicks and reaches for the toys, laughs at the spinning birds and looks at himself in the mirror. We also went ahead and tried a little bit of rice cereal last night. He was still acting hungry after his night feedings so we wanted to see if it worked. We just gave him a few small bites but as I suspected, this boy has no problem eating off a spoon. If it involves food, he will figure it out. Since he did so well, we might try giving him the full recommended amount tonight.
The worst part of him turning 10 weeks is I only have 2 weeks left off work. While I am excited to see my coworkers and get back into my routine, I am going to miss him like crazy. I just need to not think about it!
Wow this is new!
and it spins!!
What is that?
Ha! I think I am going to like this!
More, please! 
Matching daddy in his pearl snaps
Unbelievably adorable gift from Auntie Trina

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