Friday, April 6, 2012

Sawyer: 7 Weeks

This week we learned that our little guy has a fragrance allergy. Poor guy broke out in a rash on the back of his neck and when it started to move to his face we decided to get it checked out. It is from the bubble bath and detergents we were using, even though we wash all his stuff in fragrance free, John and I were still washing our stuff in the normal detergents. So for the next few years anything and everything with dyes or fragrances are banned from the Hamra household.
The plus side to going to his doc is we got an update on his progress. Besides his rash he is doing great and growing so quick!!
Weight: 12 pounds
Length: 22 inches

Another big thing that happened this week....I went to happy hour! First time I was away on my own without John and Sawyer. I've got to say, it was great and he seemed to have a blast at his grandparents.
A much needed happy hour with my besties
Best part is my mom sent me pictures while I was gone. He sure loves his GPA!
Sawyer's First Easter Card from his Grand Aunt & Uncle and second Cousins!!
Tonight I am going to attempt to take him to Good Friday church service and then Easter Sunday service on Sunday. We'll see if he likes the quiet atmosphere.

Don't forget to check on Sawyer's Nursery on Project Nursery:

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