Monday, April 9, 2012

Sawyer's First Easter

There are so many "firsts" with a newborn and most of my posts for the next year with probably be Sawyer's "first" something. This one is Easter and it was full of new experiences for him. For his first time in church, he did excellent! On Easter Sunday, we didn't even have to take him to the "cry room". He looked so handsome matching daddy with his little bow tie. The "Easter Bunny" got him his first Easter basket with his new favorite doggie toy.

Matching with Daddy
The Family
with auntie Trina

Sawyer with Pastor Sippy
Sawyer with his Grandma & Grandpa Engel
Sawyer with his aunts

I love my new doggie
Such a big boy!
Sawyer's First Easter Basket
Hanging with Momma 
Food Comma!

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