Wednesday, April 18, 2012

St. Louis Road Trip

Sawyer is a little Road Warrior, for his first road trip he was a champ! He slept 6 hours on the way up and seemed to really enjoy the ride. We used the hotel's crib and he didn't seem to mind at all. On Saturday night he slept 8 hours in a row, holy cow!! The purpose of the trip is to finally introduce him to his great grandparents (my mom's parents). He also got to meet his great aunt Ruth & Debbie for the first time and then also get to see my grandmother's boyfriend Joe, his great Aunt Julie and Uncle Scott, 2nd Cousin Meghan and Julie's Parents Jim and Cookie. Even after being passed around for 2 days straight, he only had a couple breakdowns. Even when we took him to PF Chang's, Chevy's and Krieger's he just slept while we ate. I think traveling agrees with him. Lots more trips to come. He did have a HUGE blowout on the hotel pull out bed which led to an unexpected bath in the hotel room jacuzzi, it was pretty hilarious actually. My parents shared a suite with us and it was so fun to wake up and have them around to see his "morning" side. He loves to laugh and giggle in the morning and it was so cute to see him trying to talk to his grandma & grandpa.

Great Aunt Ruth came to visit from Chicago

Great Uncle Scott and Julie's parents Jim & Cookie 
The boys and his second cousin Meghan
This is the before shot of how happy Mr. Sawyer is about his blowout
And this is the after shot of the clean up. 
Having a blast!
He was pooped when we got home!

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