Monday, June 18, 2012

Sawyer: 4 Months

Yesterday, June 17, was such a special day. We celebrated Sawyer turning 4 months and John's 1st Father's day. Sawyer has developed lots of new fun skills over these past 4 weeks and has such a cute little personality.

Here are the stats this month:
weight: 15 pounds
eats: nursing and 6 oz bottles every 4-6 hrs. Rice cereal at bedtime
sleeps: still sleeping through the night (6-7 hrs)..most nights, we had a couple rough nights this month
clothes: wears 3-6 months clothes. 6 months are a little big but fit way better than 3 month clothes
diapers: still in size 2
playtime: Loves his Johnny Jumper and the pool. Doesn't matter how cold the water is he enjoys it, even learned to splash and kick. He still loves his elephant toy and even cuddles it at nap time. He has attempted to try to crawl a few times and holds his head up super high during tummy time.
talking: he laughs and giggles daily and makes talking noises when you talk to him.
teething: He is drooling like a crazy person and gnawing on everything, we haven't seen any little teeth poke through but is showing the signs of teething. I'll keep you posted.
Other new developments: he has learned to use his hands to grab his toys and can hold his bottle on his own (for short periods), he has spotted his feet a few times but hasn't figured out their his yet.

Happy Father's Day John!!!
Enjoying bath time with daddy


  1. Oliver showed the signs of teething for 10 months and only then did he get teeth. He got four in at the same time, those were some sleepless nights. He is adorable Kari!

    1. Wowsers! I have heard per-teething can take forever! Thanks so much!!

  2. That is an adorable picture of him and John on Father's Day! We're so proud of all of his accomplishments!