Friday, August 10, 2012

Adventures in baby-food Making: Beets

Beets and I have quite the history. I loved them as a baby, loathed them as an adolescent and have now rekindle the flame as an adult. And guess what? Sawyer loves there a food this kid doesn't like?

Sawyer’s Pediatrician recommended trying beets after the green veggies as sort of a bridge to fruits. I looked all over Springfield for canned baby beets but never found making them was really my only option. 

I really enjoyed making beets for 3 reasons.
1. They are easy-peezy to make (probably because we used canned beets)
2. I got to sample them as I prepared them, delicious!
3. Their vibrant deep red color is so pretty, what’s not to love?

We tried to get fresh beets but couldn’t find them anywhere either. Unfortunately, canned beets have added salt so to get rid of it, I rinsed these puppies A TON. If you taste them, you should be able to tell if you need to keep rinsing.


1. Pour canned Beets into colander and rinse very well until salt is removed
2. Put Beets in blender and mix until pureed
3. Put in storage containers, freeze or refrigerator depending on when you plan to use them.

Let's see what these are all about
More please...yep, I love them!

The Math

Ideally I would have loved to get fresh beets but had no luck finding any. Luckily, the canned version is very economical. I also couldn’t find canned baby food beets anywhere. I found a couple mixes (banana, beet & blueberry) but nothing he could eat yet. I googled it and nothing came up. So since I don’t have anything to compare it too savings-wise I will just tell you how much it cost me to make.

3 – 15 oz. cans of Beets (2 for $1) made 20 oz. of baby food = $1.50
Total cost per ounce = 13 cents

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  1. Yummy! Beets have always been one of my favorites too! And he'll have some very "colorful" diapers in the next few days to show for it :o)