Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Adventures in baby-food Making: Peas

Did you know that a cup of peas has more protein than a tablespoon of peanut butter? I discovered this fun fact while researching howto make baby food peas (check out more info here). I eat a lot of peas and never knew how much protein I was taking in. Sawyer has made his way through most of the green veggies and peas are his next stop, so far he has liked everything!
I opted for store bought frozen peas since the thought ofde-poding my own peas seemed like too much work. I compared the nutritionalingredients on the packaging and the off-brand's stats came in better. They don't add salt and had zero grams of sodium. Their ingredients were just peas & a little water.


1. Pour bags of frozen peas into large pot filled half waywith water.
2. Cook covered on medium to medium/high for 15-20 minutesor until you see steam
3. Drain water from peas
4. Put Peas in blender and mix until pureed (add a littlewater if needed)
5. Put in storage containers, freeze or refrigeratordepending on when you plan to use them.

12 Days worth of Peas!

The Math

With the amount 2 bags made I could feed a smallvillage…this was definitely a WIN for making your own. What impressed me themost was that the peas in their bags totaled 64 ounces and after processing it intobaby food, it really didn’t shrink much. We got a total of 56 OUNCES!!! That isthe most yet.

2 – 32 oz. bags of frozen sweet peas ($1.98 each) made 56 oz.of baby food = $3.96
Total cost per ounce = 7 cents

Gerber 1st Foods SmartNourish Organic baby food (peas) comesin 2 – 2.5 containers for $1.59 each, so 56 ounces = $17.92
Total cost per ounce = 32 cents


1 day of Gerber’s Peas (2 containers or 5 ounces per day) =$1.59
1 day of Home-made Peas (5 ounces per day) =  $.35
Total Savings per day = $1.24
Total Savings per week (7 days) = $8.68
Total Savings per month (30 day month) = $37.20
Total Savings per year (365 days) = $452.60

Basically we were able to make 56 ounces for a mere $3.96where buying store bought baby food in that same amount would be approximately$17.92. 

Baby food making is exhausting! I'll just snuggle with Papa!

wiped out!

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  1. Sawyer knows who to snuggle up to - I like snuggling with Grandpa too :o) And I LOVE the color of those peas! They tasted pretty yummy too.