Saturday, August 25, 2012

Sawyer's 6 month Photos & Check-up

I love going to Sawyer's check-ups with his pediatrician because we get updates on his growth but I HATE that he has to get shots. He handles them pretty well but that sad face gets me ever time. This round he was fine all day but had a pretty rough night, woke up a couple times.
His check up went really well. His pediatrician said he is starting to slim down as he becomes more active. He even lost a little weight since we weighed him last week. His height and weight dropped from 75th percentile to 45th, looks like he might be lean like his dad. He is doing great on the developmental scale and his eyes & ears passed with flying colors. The cutest thing was when she went to check his tummy and limbs he laughed his little  butt off, he is super ticklish.
His doctor said after he finishes trying the fruits (we are going to start this week), we can move on to meats...holy cow, can't believe my little baby is moving to big boy food. She also said since he is reaching and grasping objects we can start trying him out on baby snack puffs.

We had Sawyer's 6 months photos taken last Friday (on his actually 6 month birthday) and our photographer Jared with JDesigns posted a couple previews. They turned out with all his work! Here are a few:

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  1. I love these! I need to get a copy of that family portrait and frame it! So proud of our big boy!