Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Sawyer: 7 months

Where to start? Our boy is now mobile and moving around like crazy. He sits on his own and makes noises like he has something tosay. Sawyer never stops moving and we are loving every moment. His littlepersonality is really coming through as a social, vocal & funny little man.
I couldn't pick just one shot plus his little profile is too cute! 

Stats this month:

Weight: 17.5 

Eating: still nursing and taking 6-8 oz. bottles at school.His eating schedule hasn’t changed and is now on more of a breakfast, lunch and dinner schedule. He has had most of the fruits and we have even introduced the Puffs that are fruit flavored and dissolve in his mouth. He loves them and it is helping him practice his pincher grip. We have been trying out the sippy cup but so far he prefers water in a bottle.
His teacher sent me this, he is sitting with the big kids for lunch now!

Sleeping: He started waking up hungry once in the middle of the night so we started feeding him a little more before bedtime. He is slowlygetting back to the 9 hrs in a row (without waking) like he used to. Stillloves to nap! He also loves to sleep with a blanket now and pulls it to hischeek to help him relax.

Clothing: Wearing 6-9 month clothes. 9 months is still alittle big but 6 months can be too snug. He is wearing a 9 month onesie in the7 month photo and he is swimming in it!

Diapers: size 3

Playing: Sawyer is crawling all over to get what toys hewants. He loves his walker and his new stand-up walker (we lock it so itdoesn’t move yet). He pulls him self up from the ground onto his nap nanny andus. When mommy jumps, Sawyer cracks up! He is starting to really like to play in the bath, with his elephant & rubber duckies.
His new dragging the leg move and standing playing with his new toy 
Talking: About 3-4 weeks ago he started saying “Dada” in his car seat whenever we were driving. This past week he has added all types ofsounds like Papa (see video), Baba and even yesterday while he was crying hesaid “mama mama”  He loves to sing when music is on and imitates words when we speak to him.

Teething: Sawyer has both his front bottom teeth. No signs of any new ones but he is drooling and chewing a ton.

Other new developments: His new favotire game is throw the pacifier, he likes to drop anything in his hand just so you can get it for him and then throw it again.



  1. Look at those gorgeous blue eyes! I love hearing his little voice. So proud of our big boy!

  2. He's getting so stinkin' big!!! I love this age! I need a Sawyer playdate, stat!