Monday, October 15, 2012

Owen's 3rd Birthday Party

My coworker Dave's son Owen had his 3rd Birthday party Saturday and was kind enough to invite Sawyer. It was his first bounce house experience and he had a blast. He also got to catch up with his buddy Evan (who is only a week younger). It was crazy to see how much they have changed since their last play date. Now they are chatting and playing with each other.
Happy Birthday Owen!
Here is a "then" and "now" pic of Sawyer and Evan. Boy, how they have grown in 6 months

Last time we had our boys on the blanket they weren't even able to sit up!
The awesome Bounce House
Dave & Owen
Me & Sawyer
Tasha & Parker
Wendy & Evan
Let's try this bad boy out!

Getting in to it! 
I'm pooped Mom!

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