Thursday, October 25, 2012

What's in a name

John and I struggled when picking out our son's name, Sawyer. We had no problem agreeing on a girl's name or a boys middle name but when we found out our beloved Hamlet was a boy it took us months to decide on two names. We didn't pick the winner until we meet him on Feb. 17, 2012.

The name Sawyer became a contender simply because we liked it and thought it was a good strong name that worked well with is pre-destined middle name of "Farris".  Farris is a Hamra Family name that John, his father, his grandfather and his grandfather's father all share. Naming him Sawyer also gave him the same initials (SFH) as his Paternal Grand Father and Great Grand Father.

To our surprise, yesterday we received a letter from John's Grandfather who found out a little more about Sawyer's name. I found this so cool and coincidental, I look forward to sharing this letter with Sawyer one day.

It reads (I left out some items for privacy):
Dear John & Kari,
I just found out that "Saidya"means jeweler in Lebanese and "Saidya" is pronounced "Sawyer". You probably did not realize that by giving our great grandson and your wonderful son the name of "Sawyer," you gave him a Lebanese name....
Poppa Sam

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