Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Sawyer's Heart Follow-up

Doctor's note reads "Innocent Murmur, possible Venus Hum. No ASD. NO HEART DISEASE!"

Today is a wonderful day! Back in April, I blogged about Sawyer's heart condition ASD (you can read the blog HERE ), today we had his 9-month followup with Dr. Shapiro. After his Echo, EKG and exam they determined the hole in his heart has mended itself and there is no longer a hole! We couldn't be happier with these results. We find great relief knowing he won't need surgery or any other procedure!
During the exam he did detect a murmur, innocent in nature but would like to still follow up with us in about a year. He referred to it as a "venus hum" murmur that comes from the brain. I did a little research and it seems like nothing to be too concerned with. sometimes they can come and go throughout childhood.
Here are some informative articles:

Thanks to family & friends for the prayers for our little guy, they worked wonders as usual.

I took some pictures of Sawyer at the doctor as he played with dad as he waited. He was such a good boy for all the tests!

Playing with all the cool toys as we wait
I've got this, my heart is a-ok!
Dad attack! 

Now I'm tired!


  1. I love all of these sweet photos and I especially love today's blog. So thankful that our little guy won't have to undergo heart surgery! I thank God for giving us Sawyer and giving Sawyer a healthy heart! Love you guys!

    1. Thanks Mom! I couldn't agree more, so much to be thankful for. Love you!!