Monday, February 25, 2013

SUC Training: Week 6

New challenge posted
If you are a runner, you might be familiar with that place you get to when running that I like to refer to as a "sweet spot". Mine is about mile 3 or 4 where my legs are warmed up, I have the right frame of mind and it is like I could run forever. I used to get frustrated because you would think if you have been training, that first mile should be easy...well no matter how far I would run the beginning was always the hardest and I would just have to remind my self "keep running, it gets easier!". I hit that "sweet spot" this weekend running 5 miles and it was awesome. Those short runs I had been doing seemed so much harder because I never got past 3/4 miles. So I am happy to say this passed week's training went great! I was able to do Body Combat & Body Pump and I upped my weight a lot.

Week 6 Plan:
- Back to Intervals - run 10 mins, walk 1 min (repeat 4 times). I will do this 3 times this week.
- My cross training is still up in the air this week with some sort of yoga or weights and I plan to hopefully catch a class Friday & Saturday morning.

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