Tuesday, March 26, 2013

SUC Training: Week 10

2 Weeks left!!! I am getting so excited for the race! This weekend I ran my first 10K (6.2 mile) race, I have run 10K a hundred times on the trail and treadmill but never in a race. It was the Junior League Pitter Pat Race and my best friend Megan (http://johnsonblurb.blogspot.com/) organized it. Although there was snow on the ground, it was great weather for a run. No wind and about 40 degrees, I didn't really get hot. And I got to check off a Bucket List item because surprisingly, I got 1st Place in my age bracket (30-34). I have never won a race and have always wished I could, so my inner child is very happy right now.  My time was 50:26. This is the fastest I have run it yet (it is about an 8 minute mile). This was a test for me to see how my running was going to prepare for the SUC and I feel much more confident now.

Week 10 Plan:
I am only planning on doing one more long run of 7 miles before the race, so yesterday I sprinted 2 miles and did uphill run for 1 mile. Then I also did stairs for 1 mile on the stair master at the gym, which it said equaled 50 floors (is that the same as flights?). I am going to run and do stairs again Wednesday and then do some sort of class friday. Saturday is our final SUC training class at Cox North with our whole team. I am pretty excited about it actually!

My little cheerleader
Megan and I after the race, she looked adorable and put on one heck of a race!

I won!!

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