Monday, March 18, 2013

SUC training: Week 9

I got a small taste of what the actually Springfield Urban Adventure Race is going to taste like this past Saturday when I joined two of my fellow teammates for the Cox SUC training class. I loved it! It was almost two hours and a good mix of running, sprints, plyometrics, weights and a whole lot of STAIRS! 33 flights to be exact. My calves were and are sore from the training but I felt like it was a good measure of what we need to work on before race day. I stayed a little after class with my teammate Lauren and practiced the 90 lb. rope lift because that was definitely my weak area. When I first started it was picking me up off the ground (it is like 80% of my body weight) but the teacher helped me use better technique with my legs to pick it up. Here are a few pictures (sorry they are blurry).

I actually have it lifted in the far right picture even thought it is hard to see.

Week 9 Plan:
From the advice of Mark, the teacher Saturday I took Sunday off to rest. Tonight I plan to run 6 miles, do Body Pump Tuesday, Run 5 miles Wednesday, light exercise thursday, rest Friday because I have the Pitter Pat 10K Saturday. This will be my first 10K since being pregnant and having Sawyer so I am super excited.

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