Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Sawyer: 14 Months

his favorite face to make
Sawyer is doing great and growing like a weed....not vertically but expanding outward. He hasn't hit his height growth spurt which we here is next. He is always on the go, to the point where he is running with his eyes closed. He loves food, bath time and his blankie...still takes a pacifier and recently learned to use a straw. Sawyer is such a happy boy, we only really see him upset when he has gotten hurt, is hungry or super tired.
Weight: 25 pounds

Length: 32 inches (we are guessing because he hasn't been measured since his 12 month)

Eating: Anything and everything, this boy hasn't met a food he doesn't like. He even eats more for breakfast than John and me. His current favorite is waffles and peanut butter.
Sleeping: 10-11 hours per night. Bedtime is between 8-8:30 and we usually have to wake him to go to school. Still taking long naps on the weekend.
Like to wear Daddy's hat around
Clothing: With his increased belly size we have had to change his shirts to 18-24 months but some pants he still wears 12-18 months. He wear size 4-5 shoes. 

Diapers: size 4
Hanging out with Jackson Blair at the Cardinals Game
Playing: Still really into books. He received a new toy from our friends Katie & Eli for his birthday that has letters and items in pockets with each letter (Katie's cousin made it) and he is obsessed with it, he could play with it all day. He also loves any toy that involves music, like his drum set. He loves the song "If you're happy and you know it" and claps and stomps his feet with the song. He has also learned to fold his hands when we say our prayers.

New favorite toy, thanks Katie, Eli & Oliver!
Talking: This weekend Sawyer said "Cracker" and "Glasses", he also says "more" and " very clearly. He also says "Nana" for grandma and "Gandpa" from Grandpa. He understands a lot and has learned to sign "more" and "please". 
brushing his teeth before bed
Teething: 8 teeth with (we think) 2 more coming in. He loves brushing his teeth!

Loves playing with Daddy at bath time
Other developments: He has started swimming in the bath tub where he flips to his belly and kicks his feet. He is definitely ready for the pool this summer. 

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  1. He is R-U-N-N-I-N-G too - no more walking for him! And he gives the best kisses :o)