Monday, April 1, 2013

Sawyer's 2nd Easter

not completely thrilled but not crying

So excited Aunt Trina got to join us!

Sawyer got to meet the Easter Bunny with John, Katrina and me before Good Friday Service. We didn't get to take him last year so we were curious how he would react. He was a little skeptical at first but ended up handling about the same way he did Santa Claus. Yesterday, we celebrated Easter with my family. We went to church, had brunch, a small Easter egg hunt in the beautiful weather and then finished with dinner out at Houlihan's. It was Sawyer's 2nd Easter and this year he really got to enjoy it.  He was able to run around and find Easter Eggs and even try out some of the candy inside. The Easter Bunny was very nice to him too with lots of goodies, new movies, balls and a Gator that he can pull around.

Got him some Sperry's to match dad
Daddy & Sawyer looking sharp
At Church
Watching Grandma & Aunt Amie play bells

Back at Grandma & Grandpa's to see what the Easter Bunny brought
Balls & movies 
Eggs filled with Marschmallows yum!
New Gator
Easter Egg Hunt

Hmm, this doesn't taste so great.

Grandma &Grandpa
Aunt Amie

Dad, Sawyer & Grandpa

Playing in Grandpa's new truck
short snooze, exhausted from playing
Egg decoration from Papa Sam & Mama June
It was warm enough to swing

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  1. No photo with Aunt Rachel this year :o( But I love all the photos you did get - I loved how he was so focused on opening those eggs. Adorable!