Monday, June 24, 2013

Weekend in Pictures: Firetrucks, Housewarming, Lake and more....

Summer time is in full force!  Friday night, we went to check out the new Fire truck at Historical Firehouse #2 on Commercial street. We thought that would be right up Sawyer's alley, he loved it!
Saturday was another afternoon at the pool. And that night was very special for my best friend Trina. She had her housewarming party to celebrate her new beautiful home. John & Tim were the grill masters and her closest friends & family came to enjoy her new abode. After the party we even went out for some pool & dancing at Springfield's oldest bar, Silver Leaf (thanks mom & dad for watching Sawyer).
Sunday we spent the day at Fellows lake. It was a super HOT day but we still had fun fishing, going for boat rides and feeding the ducks/carp. Unfortunately, we ended the weekend with a trip to Urgent Care, what we thought was Sawyer having bad allergies turned into Pink Eye, Double Ear Infection and Sinus Infection. Poor guy, he looks miserable. He is on the mend now with a strong dose of antibiotics and lots of rest.

Threw a fit when he had to get out.

Looking Good!

Trying to keep cool, thanks Grandpa!
Down the slide all by himself!

Sticking his face in
Invitations for Trina's Housewarming that I designed for her
Playing with Ashton
Grill Masters
Grill Master's Wives
Let's CeleBRAT!!!
We love Trina!

Had to make sure her doggy door worked, yikes!
Silver Leaf
Showing Little Baby J some love

Nicole and me
First time the Jeep has towed anything!!

First time on Grandpa's boat

He even got to drive 

Feeding the carp & ducks

John caught the first Bluegil

Playing with the fish in the livewell

Snack time

Sick little guy :(
Still finds a way to laugh

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  1. I love all of these pictures....the firetruck, pool, BBQ, Silverleaf, and fishing pics...he manages even to make me smile when he's not feeling good! Poor little guy :( But he's such a champ! LOVE him and LOVE YOU GUYS! (Tell John thanks again for cooking...he and Tim were awesome grillmasters!)