Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Ooh I like that: Rutledge-Wilson Farms

This "Ooh I like it" Post is probably my favorite yet but a little different than usual. Different because it is a location but my favorite because not only is it FREE but it is something that keeps an 18 month old entertained for hours!!! It is a local spot called Rutledge-Wilson Community Park located off West Bypass and Sunshine. I am sure many of you have heard of it and been there but I am just now discovering how fun it is. It is a 207-acre farm park that has a beautiful barn, playground, lake and lots of animals and run-around space. It is directly off the Wilson Creek Trail so you could even bike there. My mom and I took Sawyer there Saturday afternoon and we quickly learned this would be a new favorite place to take him. We visited with every animal, he especially took a liking to the mini horse but was not a huge fan of the huge hogs. The farm-themed playground looks like another barn with climbing walls, slides and fun hidden tunnels. He did not want to leave, that was a struggle. We ended our trip by feeding the ducks on the lake. Since he had so much fun, John and my dad took him back Sunday to fish. We plan to check out their Fall Festival coming up in September because we hear it is awesome.

CHECK OUT THEIR WEBSITE FOR MORE INFO: http://www.parkboard.org/rutledge_wilson/index.html


May 1st - September 2nd: Open Monday - Sunday 9 a.m. - 5 p.m.Starting Monday, September 3rd.: Open Tuesday - Sunday 9 a.m. - 5 p.m.

lets check this place out....

When you first walk up you can hear the Northern Bobwhite Quail calling

beautiful cow!

mini  donkeys
Goat play area

Sawyer loved this little horse
feeding his new friends. 
watching as his friend walk away....so sad!
maybe I will just go in there with him.
sleepy piggies
Kept his distance, wasn't a huge fan of their snorting.
they were huge!
soft sheep
he really wanted to climb up in the tractor but as you can see it was filled with manure,  yuck!
Farm-themed playground
playing peak-a-boo with some other kids

taking a breather
he was obsessed!

Fishing Pond
feeding the ducks

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  1. I really had a fun afternoon there with you guys! Love all the photos!