Saturday, August 17, 2013

Sawyer: 18 Months

A year and a half, only 6 months until 2...what, what, what?! I can hardly believe my son is this old but reality is starting to sink in that there is a good chance we only have to deal with diapers for 1-2 more years... that makes it a little easier to deal with. What an awesome kid, Sawyer is, he makes me smile every day and I am excited to see all the changes we have in store for the next few months. We sang happy "1 and a half birthday to Sawyer" this morning and he sang along!


Length: 32 inches

Eating:  a breakfast/lunch/snack type-eater now. He sometimes skips dinner all together but chows down at breakfast. His favorites right now are: bananas, raisins, yogurt, cereal, pineapples, cheese pizza and grilled cheese!

enjoying sorbet at the Farmer's Market

Sleeping: Still a great sleeper, averaging 10-11 hours a night. Naps during the day have been a little shorter during the week but still long on the weekends. Also still consistently falling asleep at lunch.

Clothing18-24 months

Diapers: size 5 - we finally upped it!

playing football with Grandpa

Playing: Loves his "guitar" and playing at the park. He could play outside all day and every time I pick him up from school says "park". He loves dancing and singing. He will even sit down and watch cartoons for a bit now in the morning. 
That smile!
Teething: I have lost track, he has basically got all his teeth in or they have cut through. 

Our little talker
Talking: At school he was just awarded a certificate for "The Most New Words" and I can totally vouch for that. He says everything or at least tries. He is even saying sentences like "Where daddy go" or "drink of water". He even says complex words like "violin" "kangaroo" "helicopter" and even said "Michigan" and "Alaska" at school yesterday. It is amazing to me all the commands he understands and there really isn't much I say that he doesn't understand. Just this morning we were playing peak-a-boo with daddy's hat and when he would hide behind it he would say "Sawyer, Sawyer", like I would. He can even say his last name.

Potty Training: Still sits on it but not really that interested

No 'mimi' needed

Other developments:  Very big news this month! Sawyer has not used a pacifier aka Mimi to fall asleep in over a week and never uses one during the day. His teachers have been so instrumental in helping us nix this habit and even sent me an adorable pic to show how awesome he is doing at it (see above). Another big on is that the tantrums  have started. He tends to throw them when he is tired but sometimes they just come out of the blue. Usually I just try to walk away to let him cool down and not give him attention. The other night, I thought I would try something different so I started throwing a tantrum myself and to my surprise, he stopped crying and screaming, walked over patted me on the back, kissed me and gave me a big hug. It was one of the sweetest things I have ever seen. I don't really plan to do that every time he is having a fit but at least I have an option. 

And here are some more fun photos from this past week:
getting ready to jump

It's Good!
Break time

Our house guest Bailey became Sawyer's new best friend

Hugging Trees at our Nature Center visit

Dinner out with his girlfriend Paisley

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