Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Weekend in Pictures: Sawyer's 1st Mizzou Football Game

What a game!! Mizzou faced Florida last Saturday in Columbia for Gold Rush and we were lucky enough to get tickets from John's Grandparents. John's two favorite college football teams are Mizzou (of course) and Florida so he was super excited. Plus, we were able to bring Sawyer for his first Mizzou football experience. Mizzou dominated with a final score of 36 to 17. Luckily we were in the President's Suite because it was pretty chilly. Our friend Kathy and Mike were kind enough to let us crash at their house. They have an adorable little girl Ella who is just about 8 months older than Sawyer. We invited over the Carter's (Anna, Clint, Keller and Zane) for a night in of pizza, beer (adults only), instruments and movies. Boy, how things have changed!! And what makes the weekend even better, after the win, Mizzou is ranked #5!!!
1st Tailgate, well sort of
The players coming out on the field
Even sat in his own seat!



After the win
snacks with Ella 

Kisses for Ella, looks a little aggressive!
Playing on Mike's drums, John almost gone hit!

cushions for bouncing! Notice Sawyer on the keyboard

Keller enjoying the cupcakes
And when we got home, all he wanted to do was watch "Ralp" and play hockey!

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