Saturday, April 5, 2014

Sunday School

This is a week after the fact, but I always like to blog Sawyer's "firsts" so I can look back and remember those moments. Sawyer had his first day at Sunday school at Redeemer Lutheran last Sunday, March 30. We started the morning with our usual, traditional Gailey's breakfast and then headed to church. While he was a little uneasy with us leaving, fabulous Aunt Trina sat with him when we left for church until he got acclimated. He was just sitting at the table playing when we got back. His teacher said once they started singing and reading bible stories he had a great time (boy loves to sing!) He came home with coloring pages and verses and a fun cd of bible songs. Must have loved it because he talked about going to Sunday school all week! Can't wait to come back! The weather was great that day so we ended up getting to play outside and BBQ with my parents. 
Getting ready with daddy, have to have some cologne!

Dropping him off, his farm shoes kept falling off!

Leaving Sunday school had to get a picture for his baby book

Missed Mawmaw, was happy to see her after.

We've recently taught him to climb in his own seat...he's way to heavy to maneuver .

Back to grandpa's house to mow

Loves picking flowers!

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  1. When we peeked in through the window, he was just sitting at the table with his hands folded - little angel!