Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Home Updates // Round 1

Moving with a two-year-old has proven to be more challenging than we could've anticipated. We are only able to do our unpacking after Sawyer goes to bed but despite those hurdles we're about 90% unpacked. We have also been able to make some updates to the home to make it more Hamra-fied. 

Our first project was getting Sawyer's room painted. Darlene and Katrina Appelquist were kind enough to spend a couple days with me painting his room. It took a good 3 1/2 days but I couldn't be more pleased with the results... Gray with white and navy stripes. Thank you ladies for all your hard work!!

Darlene working her magic!

This was not on purpose, I swear!
Loves his new room and big boy bed!!

My second project was painting our front door yellow. I had picked out a more pale yellow but John picked out a bright yellow. We decided to let Sawyer make the decision for us and he picked the bright yellow. I have to admit after that first coat I was a little apprehensive. Holy cow was it bright. But in the words of my husband..."if you're going to go Yellow, got to go all out". And after eight or so coats (not kidding) I love the color! 

Just need a wreath!!

We also were able to do some yardwork Sunday (thanks to my mom and dad for hanging with Sawyer). I potted some new plants, we hung a new plant holder and we just spend time cleaning up the yard. 

Had to use Sawyer's wagon for assistance. 

We have a few more big projects we are working on, I'll share as we complete. We are excited for our new living room furniture to arrive as well as our new patio furniture my wonderful in-laws got us as a housewarming gift.  We also got a new dining room table for the formal dining room, just waiting on the chairs. 

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