Thursday, July 3, 2014

Housewarming Party

Saturday was our officially open house/housewarming party. Thank goodness for that because it really made us put our butts into gear and get everything done (see later posts on final home updates!!)! It was so nice to see our new digs filled with people, especially those little kiddos who LOVED Sawyer's new playroom. We had a wonderful turnout and although there were some rain showers throughout the early evening, it ended up being a beautiful night! Thank you to all our dear family & friends, we will cherish this memory as we grow here.

note: sorry to anyone I didn't get a picture of, I realized mid-party I hadn't even taken one photo :(

Miss Ruby
Tim and Elliot

Trina's one-arm skills. This is a record!
John with his Grandparents

Trina with Miss Paisley
The most popular room in the house
Me with my father, mother and mother-in-law
Adorable Miss Elliot
The Baird's
The Engels & Marinec's 
The Toolen's
a little game of t-ball
John and Tim
Me and my bestie Megan
Trina and me with our beautiful moms
I love these girls!!
and a little game of hockey with Sawyer's grandpa and great uncle Scott

Grand Aunt Jules and Uncle Scott came in from St. Louis

My two favorite amigas!
Our Home!!

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