Monday, December 15, 2014

Annual Girlfriend Christmas

Every year Trina, Megan and me get together to exchange gifts for the holidays. Our meetings have changed a bit with the addition of our littles and so we decided this year would be fun to paint pottery at Firehouse Pottery to remember the occasion. Trina and I went last year and made a Santa plate for Sawyer, so the goal this year was to make a matching milk mug. Elliot stayed for a little bit to get her hand print on a platter and Sawyer stayed to paint an ornament, he was surprisingly good. Can't wait to see our finished pieces!
Sawyer's plate from last year
Elliot's being a great sport.
Sawyer painting a snowman

Our finished pieces ready to be fired
Megan's fun plate!
Trina's cute Noel ornament

Present Time!
Thomas Lantern!! 

First thing he did that night was turn off all the lights and walk around with his lantern!

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