Thursday, July 9, 2015

Scout // Week two

Just as every mom says, time sure does fly by. I can't believe we have had two weeks with our little man Scout. He is doing great and we are enjoying every day. He had his second week check-up yesterday which was my actual due date. His doctor was very happy with how well he is doing! I swear is the most smiley baby I have ever met. We love his little dimple! Sawyer is still doing great and is really a great helper. So far, we haven't seen any regression or acting out since becoming a big brother!
Woohoo, no shots today!

Scout two week stats

weight: 8 lbs. 10 oz. (at birth he was 8 lbs. 7 oz.) - 52 percentile
length: 21.25 inches (at birth he was 21 inches) - 83 percentile
head circumference: 14.57 inches (at birth he was 14 inches) - 83 percentile
clothing: newborn
eating: breast milk, eating every 3-4 hours
sleeping: about 20 hours a day
other updates:  His jaundice is almost gone, she said it is about at his bicep and up (it moves from feet to head) and still shows in his eyes but that could last for up to 4 weeks. His umbilical cord finally fell off so we can give him a normal bath now! Also since he is eating and having regular diapers, they said we can let him sleep longer. Most night he wants to sleep through the every 3 hour feeding rule, she said we can now even let him go up to 6 hours once per night. Yay!! We are strictly breast feeding again like I did with Sawyer, and I definitely have a huge supply! I have frozen probably around 25 bags...which is great for when I return back to work.

Last belly photo and yesterday on his due date

We had some visitors
Grandpa Mike
Aunt Amie
Uncle Timmy

Scout's fun week two

Fourth of July fireworks with my family at Hickory

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