Sunday, August 23, 2015

Weekend in Pictures: St. Louis

Another weekend, another St. Louis road trip! This round we had a full schedule.
When we arrived, we took Sawyer to the Science Center for his first time. He loved it, particularly the exhibits on space and dinosaurs. He came home with a blow-up space shuttle. He also really liked building an arch, especially knocking it down.
Friday night, my awesome parents watched the boys as John and I attended our 7th Incubus concert at the Hollywood Casino Amphitheater. It was another amazing show and perfect weather for an outside concert. Bonus is that Scout slept from 10:30 - 5:00 AM and went 9 hours between feeding, that is insane! My parents must have the magic touch.
Saturday, we planned to go to Six Flags. I won tickets on the radio but we woke up to storms so decided it would be best to come back another time...Sawyer took it way better than expected. We did get to drive through Lone Elk Park on the way out of town. The boys both were pooped and slept the whole way home after a necessary stop at White Castle.

We built an arch

Can't wait to knock it down
No mom and dad, don't go!
ready for the concert!
Pretty good seats!!
Our attempt at a cool selfie...John's face is hilarious

we got one!

 Meanwhile back at the hotel....

enjoying his Science Center souvenir

Lone Elk Park

loving life
Big Elk
look at that rack!
And he's out!
Scout too!

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