Thursday, September 24, 2015

Scout // 3 Months

This was a big month for Mr. Scout! He started school and mommy went back to work. I can already tell he enjoys it because he smiles every morning when I drop him off. He is such a happy baby and just seems to go with the flow. I think that is mostly because John and I are more relaxed this round.

Here is how Sawyer stacked up when he was three months. They are almost exactly the same size and eating the same too. Crazy!

Scout 3 Month stats

weight: 14 lbs. 6 oz.  - at 2 month he was 13.1 lbs.

height: 25 inches - at 2 month he was 23 1/4 inches

clothing: 3 month size is getting snug so mostly 3-6 month. Wearing 6-12 month socks

diapers: still Size 2

eating: breast milk, eating every 3-5 hours depending on how active he is. He feeds for about 10-15 minutes. Last weekend he had an 8.5 and 9.5 hour stretch between feedings! He typically still wakes me up once though in the middle of the night to eat but every few days will go all night. I go up on lunch every day and feed him which we both love!

sleeping: averages 4-5 hours at night. Since starting school is his not sleeping much during the day. Usually 30-40 minutes stretches.  He has a new record for longest time sleeping at 9.5 hours!

other updates: He has rolled over both ways but isn't doing it all the time. He loves being around the other kids at school and try to chat back with them. He is reaching for toys and able to grab and hold them. He enjoys tummy time too!

Here are some more pictures from the month:
enjoying my last few days on leave

when he napped I would work, such a great little boss he is!
One of his favorite places to be
that belly!
Getting good at tummy time
First Day of School!
Big Brother welcomed him!
got this from his teacher his first day
All smiles at lunch time
Mrs. Melody got some adorable facial expressions
schoolmate Lucy takes good care of him too! 
Sawyer said this is his baby Scout
Gramdma snuggles are the best!

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