Friday, September 11, 2015

Weekend in Pictures: Labor Day

We had an adventure filled Labor Day weekend, unfortunately mostly without John (darn work!). We got to see all sides of the family too with John's mom, step-dad, sister, and nephew coming over on Friday night and a big Hamra dinner Saturday. Sawyer got to try two new things he has never done before....Ride the Ducks and Fantastic Caverns. Both were huge hits. Sawyer ended on a rough note with a huge "threenager" tantrum, I think we might have pushed him to his limit. Scout was quite the champ. Thanks to my parents for all their help with the boys all weekend, couldn't have done it without them.

I was able to record Sawyer's reaction to riding the Duck's. His face is a mix of fear and excitement:

Here are the pics....
matching bald beauties
breakfast at Gailey's of course
Sawyer met a new friend
Ready to ride
Have to get a squeaker
slept the whole time on Grandpa
tried to get all of us in

still sleeping
Volunteering to drive
Captain Sawyer
Looks like he had fun
Happy daddy got to meet us for dinner after

Slept in and snuggled with my boys on Labor Day
Breakfast with Grandma & Grandpa
Fantastic caverns

Ready to explore the cave
I love that he turned my head to look

You can tell Sawyer is exhausted

Now uses his light hat for bedtime reading