Monday, January 25, 2016

Scout // 7 months

Another month down and I am still in awe at home fast these little people quickly forget from baby 1 to baby 2. One big thing that happened since last month was he had surgery. We didn't post much about it because it involves what some would consider sensitive subject matter but as you know, we like to share our experience in hope of helping others going through the same thing. He had Hypospadias surgery which involved redirecting his urethra, which we discovered had a 90 degree curve and pointed downward instead of up. We traveled to St. Louis to have the surgery with specialist Dr. Palagiri at Mercy Children's. The scariest part for me was the Caudal Block anesthesia, which is similar to an epidural. Well, we are a week and a half out from surgery and he is healing great! The first few days were rough and it involved dressing changes and soaks but by day 5, the dressing came off and he was practically back to his old self. We have to avoid any type of straddle toys until after our 1 month follow up. After all the healing is done, you won't ever know he had surgery. I did learn that not only is Scout a tough cookie but pain is definitely mental. 

Here is Sawyer at 7 months. Size is almost identical but the big differences are Sawyer was crawling and had his two bottom teeth. He had also already started saying Mama: Sawyer 7 Months

Scout 7 Month stats

weight: 17 lbs 8 oz. - at 6 months he was 16 lbs 8 oz.

height: 27 in. - at 6 months he was 27 inches

clothing: 6-9 months and 9-12. Wears size 2 shoes - same as last month

diapers: Size 3 - same as last month

eating: we have dropped a bottle at school so he has a pretty strict routine. Nurse at 6 am, oatmeal at 8:30 am, nurse at 11:30 am, veggie/fruit at 2:30 pm, nurse at 5:30, veggie/fruit with oatmeal at 6:30 and then he goes to be about 7 pm. If he wakes int he middle of the night I nurse as well. We have starting trying puffs and teething biscuits and he seems to like both.

sleeping: He had a rough couple days last week after surgery and we think he is teething but besides that he has gone back to sleeping most of the night (7 pm - 5/6 am)

teething: As I mentioned last month, we thought he had two teeth coming in. But when we went to the pediatrician she said what we thought was a tooth was actually a cyst (nothing painful or an issue) that will eventually go away. It looks exactly like a little tooth popping through, ha! He is drooling and chewing on everything though, so I imagine something is trying to come through.

other updates: New this month is he is trying to wave and clap and lots of noises that sounds like he is trying to talk. He still isn't officially crawling but getting around by dragging himself. He gets up on all four and rocks but hasn't gotten himself to propel forward.

Here are a few more photos from the month

and our trip to St. Louis for surgery:

already wrestling

the night before surgery 
wagon ride to relax

Doesn't get any cuter than this!
Right after surgery, still has a smile
starting to get sleepy
can see the pain in his face, heartbreaking!
loved the tub soaks
the day after surgery
a new favorite toy, balloons!
Trying out teething biscuits

He loves our monthly photo sessions
Showing off his new trick of clapping
helping me erase the board
big brother helping too
playing at school together


  1. Cutie!! The link you posted for Sawyer was his 5 month progress report lol

  2. Cutie!! The link you posted for Sawyer was his 5 month progress report lol

    1. That is so weird, it kept replacing my link. It is corrected now :)