Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Our new toys

We got ourselves some bikes! Best purchase ever.
Our idea of killing time usually involves eating or our biggest If we are bored...we shop. Needless to say that can get us into trouble.
At first purchasing the bikes we didn't realize our retail disorder would be affected. It wasn't until we spent a couple weekends heading to the trail instead of the mall the we knew this was a change for the better.
Our wallets weren't the only happy ones. We are actual getting in some good convos and workouts as well. So far our longest ride was 12 miles, next up hopefully 20 and then our next goal is the MS 150 in September. Wish us luck!

my bike - bianci iseo hybrid 16.5 inch

his bike- felt mountain bike

Where we got them: Sunshine Bike Shop
This place is great, we got our bikes during their big spring sale, saved us a bike-load!


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