Thursday, September 23, 2010

My favorite food is...Seconds.

I think so far my favorite part of wedding planning is the food tasting. Our caterer Patty with Simply Delicious told us to come hungry and boy was she right.
For just sampling appetizers, we were beyond stuffed and happy. She has the cutest ideas to satisfy the foodies that we like to think we are.
So fair warning to our guests....come hungry cause we have some awesome bites for you courtesy of the fabulous Patty.

Joining us for our tasting was my mom and dad and my maid of honor Megan and her husband (and groomsmen) Tim.

Soft pretzels with two dipping sauces: Jalepeno Popper and Beer Cheese. Our fav!

Tim and the pretzel loafs

Buffalo Chicken dip

Delicious hummus

Crab Rangoon dip with wonton chips, another unique success

My personal fav of the night (proof by the empty plate): Peanut Butter and Chocolate graham squares. In the background are the BBQ chicken tacos.

Red Velvet with buttercream frosting cupcakes. John fell in love with these. I think he may have had 3.

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