Sunday, October 16, 2011

Baby Hamra: 21 Weeks

Our little football fan

Hamlet was 21 weeks thursday. He is now the size of a banana or 10. 5 inches long.
He is quite the mover too, morning, afternoon and night I can feel him kicking, punching and rolling around. Het also got to experience his first (well sort of) Homecoming at Mizzou. We already made plans to bring him back next year. We made a stop at the outlet malls on the way home and got him some things. A bunch of adorable onesies/bodysuits and his first pair of Nike Jordan's to match his dad's. I am sure it won't be his only pair, they are just too cute!

His first Homecoming 
We went on a mini (literally) shopping spree since we finally can call Hamlet a HE!

Daddy & Son's kicks

Proud pop with his matching jordan's

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